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    Planning for exterior residential painting but not sure if it’s the right move? Exterior painting is a quick and affordable way to boost your kerb’s appeal and increase the property value. A fresh paint of coat improves the conditions of the walls and makes them resilient to weather changes.

    At MHM Paints, we offer the highest quality exterior house painting in Melbourne at competitive prices. Painting is considered one of the most effective ways of creating property purchasing opportunities. If you are thinking of reselling or expanding your home, our exterior painting services is exactly what you need.

    What are the advantages of exterior house painting services?

    The type of exterior painting services you choose decides the durability and quality of your wall paint. Your house exteriors are exposed to various external conditions including rain, UV rays, sunlight and dust. In order to increase their resilience, you must choose a perfect exterior wall paint finish.

    We at MHM Paints help our clients choose a suitable painting option according to their property type and budget. When you hire our services, we will make sure that your choice of colours matches your property’s surroundings.

    Our services for exterior painting in Melbourne are perfect for homeowners who want to add more value to their property or attract potential buyers.

    Want to know more about our services? Get in touch with our team and receive direct updates and quotes.

    Exterior House Painting


    Having your exteriors painted protects your home from future damage. Our latest paint products are designed to absorb excess moisture and prevent the growth of mould. Also, with exterior house painting, it is possible to identify and assess any possible wall or termite damage. With our high-end painting services, you can keep pests and termites away from your property. Your walls will be protected from the environmental element.

    We strive to offer a simple and cost-effective way of increasing your home’s overall value through our exterior house painting services. Over the years, we’ve worked on hundreds of painting projects ranging from small Melbourne apartments to multi-storey buildings and flats. Another advantage of exterior residential painting is the difference in the quality of our work.

    exterior house painting


    MHM Paints is the home to the best and most proficient house painters with the knowledge and skills required to provide sought-after home exterior painting in Melbourne.

    Hire our professional painters and we ensure a perfect painting job. We will make sure to meet all your demands regardless of the job type. We follow a straightforward and easy to understand work protocol to achieve the highest quality outcomes.

    We are always happy to assist our clients. If you have any questions or doubts related to our services or want to know more about the pricing structure or work process, get in touch with us today.

    Exterior Wall Painting in Melbourne – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

    Exterior house painting in Melbourne involves applying paint to the outer surfaces of residential properties. It’s essential for protecting against weathering, enhancing curb appeal, and maintaining property value.

    To find reliable exterior house painting services in Melbourne, consider companies like MHM Paints. With experience and a dedication to quality, we offer professional painting services to transform and protect your home’s exterior.

    Exterior residential painting offers several benefits, including protecting surfaces from weather damage, preventing rot and decay, increasing property value, and improving the overall appearance of your home.

    Absolutely. MHM Paints provides color consultation services to help you select suitable colors for your exterior house painting project. Our experts consider your home’s architecture, surroundings, and your preferences to achieve the desired look.

    The durability of exterior painting results varies based on factors such as paint quality, surface preparation, and exposure to weather. Professional exterior painting by experts like MHM Paints can last several years, providing reliable protection and an appealing appearance in Melbourne’s climate.

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